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Hours of Operation*

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After-Hours Service

As long-time members of the construction industry we understand that traditional business hours can be restrictive, especially since Minnesota has such a short building season. Fortunately we are flexible; at Long Prairie Lumber we offer after-hours assistance when needed. Whether you have job-site complications or work conflicts, we'll do all we can to work around them. Simply contact us to schedule a time that's convenient for you.

Advice, Rental, Estimates… How Can We Help You?

As a full-service lumberyard we make every attempt to serve all members of the construction industry, from exterior remodelers and new home builders to homeowners and DIYers. In doing so, we offer countless services to help you take your construction or home improvement project to the next level.


At Long Prairie Lumber we can assist you with practically everything - from initial project planning right down to selecting which nails to use. Our doors are open and we’re here to serve you, stop in for:


Free Material Estimates

Every project, whether large or small, gets its start the same way - with an idea, some motivation, and an estimate. At Long Prairie Lumber our experienced material estimators will work one-on-one with you and/or your construction team to learn the scope of your project. From there we can quickly put together an accurate material estimate, noting the various types of construction materials needed, calculating sufficient quantities, and providing a detailed cost breakdown. Expanding upon our estimating services, we can even assist you with final product selection and provide FREE material delivery. The next time construction or remodeling inspiration strikes turn to our team at Long Prairie Lumber.


Product / Material Delivery

Material delivery is what we do. It’s the driving service behind our business and we take pride in doing it well. At Long Prairie Lumber we provide dependable delivery services for all of our lumberyard materials. We work hard to be on time, to ensure accurate material quantities, and to deliver the supplies to the exact location you specified. In order to provide the best material delivery services possible we offer:

  • Free delivery around Long Prairie, MN, and surrounding communities
  • A fleet of well-maintained delivery trucks
  • Convenient material placement - we maintain a boom truck capable of placing shingles and related roofing materials directly on the roof
  • On-going communication

Contact us to schedule your next delivery and to ensure your project will be a success.


In-House Drafting & Blueprint Production

At Long Prairie Lumber we provide in-house drafting services that can take your scratch-paper sketches to precisely scaled 3D blueprints. Whether you’re looking for design suggestions or come prepared with a set layout, our drafter can work within your requirements. From home additions and wrap-around decks, to kitchen remodels and new construction, our experience paired with our computer aided drafting tools will get you well on your way. We even provide free blueprints if you purchase your materials through us. Contact us or stop in today to get your plans on paper.


Specialized Rental Services

Not all DIY projects are as simple as running down to the local rental center for some scaffolding and a paint sprayer. Some projects require truly specialized equipment, and that’s where we come in, at least when it involves insulation. At Long Prairie Lumber we provide rental services of our well-maintained Insulation Blower used for installing blown-in cellulose or fiberglass insulation. And when you purchase your insulation materials through us, we waive the rental fee!